Sunday, August 19, 2018

1936 Baldwin 2-8-2 (#61291) in Sylvester, GA (Updated pics)

I only have a few pics of this train in Jeffords Park at the corner of HWY 82 (520) and Main Street in Sylvester, GA. I travel this route a lot on my way back home to Phenix City, AL from Orlando, so next time I will get better shots.

GAS&C #100


Updated pics!

I was able to swing by on a recent trip to get some better shots of this loco. The first thing I noticed it that it has gotten a paint job since my last pics. It looks so much better. Also, I had originally listed this as a 2-6-2 (going from memory and my not too great pics), but this is actually a 2-8-2.

Best view I could get of the cab


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